In order for your child to use the program most effectively, please highlight the following points:

I. The right age to start using the program

  • For children who have not yet recognized numbers, children should get familiar with games in the GAME section (2nd menu below the main screen). For example, Count numbers – Choose numbers – Practice writing numbers – Sequence numbers from 0-9.
  • For children who have recognized numbers, children should follow the learning route, starting from the first lesson. Only 1 new lesson should be studied per day, combined with additional exercises (3rd menu below the main screen). Only when children have mastered the formula of the old lesson will they move on to learning the new lesson.
  • For children studying at Soroban Math Center, parents go to the lesson section to choose the most appropriate learning content for their children. After a new lesson, please note that children should practice more exercises (3rd menu below the main screen). Only when you have mastered the formula learned in the previous lesson will you move on to the new lesson.

II. Ideal learning environment

Before a lesson starts, the application will check the volume of the device for parents to adjust accordingly, which is quite important because before each question since in each question, a virtual teacher will give instructions and encourage the student to get ready for the lesson. Help your child focus on the lesson and avoid interuptions such as noises.

III. Combination of lessons and other additional features

Besides routine lessons, KidsUP Soroban provides more than 30 types of interactive games and automatic exercise generators for additional practice.

IV. Only study 1-2 times a day

KidsUP Soroban’s lessons are very interactive, which will stimulate the interests of most children and make them desire to study continuously. However, experts also recommend that you create a break for your child to keep his passion (the feeling of looking forward to the next lessons) as well as to give them time to absorb new knowledge. Parents should set 1 or 2 certain times a day for their children to study, then immediately put the device away.

V. Maintain a daily routine

KidsUP Soroban lessons are designed systematically and repeatedly, helping to stimulate and develop children’s thinking. Studying should be maintained with regular intensity. Increase the number of lessons depending on the child’s response instead of learning continuously and irregularly.

VI. Don't put pressure on your child

Parents, when playing with their children, are not recommended test their children but let them explore things and win rewards by themselves. Do not criticize or help your children play games since this will make them uncomfortable, have psychological dependence or play as a duty.