Installation Policy

  1. Customers can install KidsUP’s apps for trial.

    KidsUP application runs on phones and tablets of 3 operating systems Android, iOS and Windows 10. You can download and install KidsUP on Google Play, App Store or Windows Store by searching with the keyword “KidsUP”.

    Customers are not charged for installing and playing the program’s demo lessons. However, there is a fee to purchase the entire content package. Full pricing details are included in the “Sign Up” process.

  2. Once the payment is complete, we will send you the product activation code along with instructions on how to use the code. Each of these activation codes will allow you to use the purchased content on 2 different devices of your choice. If these 02 devices are damaged/lost…, customers are allowed to switch the usage right to another device 05 times/year for the lifetime package and 05 times for the 1-year package. Process of changing devices:
    » Step 1: Contact the KidsUP Hotline at: 0975 898 413 (KidsUP Montessori) or 096 515 9466 (KidsUP Soroban) and request to change the device to use the product (Note: To ensure the interests of Customers, KidsUP will only support calling with registered phone numbers, entering the code for the first time is understood as the owner of the Activation Card and will not support changing devices, if the customer calls by another phone number).
    » Step 2: Provide information about the device that needs to be removed to KidsUP’s Customer Care Specialist. Customer service specialists will remove the device and notify the customer of the successful removal of the device.
    » Step 3: Re-supply the activation code to the customer, in case the customer forgets the code.

  3. When there is a new version of KidsUP, the program will automatically notify via the application so that customers can actively go to the app store to update the program. Customers can also check the current version for themselves by going to the “Parents” icon (in the upper left corner) and selecting “Information” to compare with the current version on the app store.

  4. The KidsUP app supports creating accounts for multiple children to keep track of their learning progress.

  5. If you purchased an activation code for the program but accidentally deleted the KidsUP app, you can reinstall it without paying for the program again.

  6. Customers need to connect to the Internet to install and upgrade the application program, register to receive the activation code and confirm the activation code. Once completed, it is completely possible to proceed to study the lessons without using the Internet.

  7. KidsUP’s customer service department will support customers completely free of charge.

Warranty Policy

Warranty is a completely free repair and replacement policy for KidsUP products and services. That is, during the warranty period, damaged products or services that need to be checked and repaired are within the scope and conditions of the warranty, all costs are completely free.

  1. Warranty policy is applied to all products provided by KidsUP during the period of use by customers

  2. Warranty terms:
    – Each activation code is only issued to only 01 customer who enters full personal information in the first time entering the code, this information cannot be changed.
    – Warranty on all existing or upgraded functions of the product.
    – Warranty for all errors related to the technical platform within the warning limits.
    – The scope of the warranty does not include redesigning the old interface, building the product’s unavailable functions, warranty for errors that are not caused by the product itself, such as errors caused by improper of methods of use, server errors, errors caused by natural problems such as natural disasters, fires, etc.
    – Provide reasonable advice, promptly support customers when problems arise during the use of the product.

  3. Troubleshooting within warranty:
    In the event of a product or service malfunction due to a technical fault within the scope of the warranty, KidsUP will conduct a product warranty and restore the latest stable operation status, within 24 hours at the latest (or 48h- in case of two days off) under the following conditions:
    – Customers strictly follow the instructions and advice on the use and protection of the product as prescribed.
    – Customers follow the correct operating process of products and services and have not had any signs of arbitrarily interfering with the technical items of the product.
    In the event of an incident that is beyond the warranty scope, due to usage errors and causes from the customer’s side, KidsUP will promptly advise on solutions to overcome and support recovery as soon as possible at a cost for customers.

Maintenance Policy

Maintenance is a solution to check the general product system periodically according to the agreement of KidsUP.

  1. The maintenance policy is permanently applied to all technology products and services after a technical support contract is signed between KidsUP and the customer according to the Regulations.

  2. Maintenance Terms:
    Maintain and ensure the operation of technology products and services provided by KidsUP during operation, including:
    – Fix problems, technical errors arising due to the use and operation of products and services, ensuring products and services are always maintained in the best state.
    – Training on methods of using and administering products and services periodically according to regulations and during the working day by phone and email.
    – Resolve inquiries related to product and service operation by phone and email.
    – Enjoy policies to support new features according to the company’s after-sales regulations.
    – Within the scope of maintenance, it does not include redesigning the old interface, building functions that are not available in the product, maintaining errors caused by 3rd parties, not customers, for example: errors caused by server attacks, errors caused by natural incidents such as natural disasters, fires, etc.
    – Provide reasonable advice, timely support customers when problems arise during the use of products outside the scope of maintenance.

  3. Troubleshooting within the scope of maintenance:
    In the event of a product or service failure occurring within the scope of maintenance, KidsUP will carry out maintenance and restore the product within 24 hours (or 48h- in case of two days off) under the following conditions:
    – Problems arise that cause local consequences for the product and original functions can be restored.
    – Having all the necessary data provided by the customer to conduct analysis of the cause of the problem.
    In case the problem is too severe, for example, the product functions have been destroyed, cannot be restored or it is difficult to restore the product function, we will advise the appropriate solution to restore and overcome the consequences caused by the suspension of products and services for customers.
    In case of incidents that are beyond the scope of maintenance, KidsUP will promptly advise on solutions to overcome and support recovery in the shortest time at a cost for customers.

    If you have any questions, please contact KidsUP for answers.

    Thank you all valued Customers!