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Kids UP is committed to providing parents and children with the best quality Early Education courses and services. Kids UP is committed to refund in case customers are not satisfied with the quality of the courses and services that Kids UP provides.

For customers who have not paid

Customers can change learning packages, cancel orders as required.
How to do: contact Kids UP Hotline 097 589 8413 (8:30 – 18:00 from Monday to Friday) for support.

For customers who have already paid

I. Conversion policy:

Customers can convert to learning packages of equal or greater value according to the prices listed on the official website at the time of confirming the conversion need. Customers may not convert to lower value learning packages.

– Not applicable to customers buying products in promotions with gifts in kind.
– Customers are supported with 01 time change/activation code.
– The time required for conversion is not more than 5 days from the date of receipt of the activation card.

Method of payment of price difference and execution time:
In case of converting to a study package with a value greater than the original package, please pay the price difference fee by bank transfer.

Transfer information:
Account holder: Kids UP Vietnam Technology Joint Stock Company
Account number: 19032065037777
Bank: Techcombank Ba Dinh branch, Hanoi
Transfer content (in syntax): [CD] [name] [phone number] [activation code] [study package you want to change]

Customer name: Thuy
Phone number for registration: 0976 604 927
Activation code: ABCDEF
Package you want to change: KidsUP full
Transfer content: [CD] Thuy 0976604927 ABCDEF KidsUP Full

Note: If more than 48 hours from the time KidsUP confirms your successful conversion request (Excluding Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays, Tet), we have not received the difference payment; Your conversion request will be CANCELLED automatically.

How to do: contact Kids UP’s Hotline 097 589 8413 (8:30 – 18:00 from Monday to Saturday) for support.

II. Refund/Cancellation policy:

1. Refund conditions
Kids UP implements a refund policy with the following conditions
– Not applicable to customers who buy products in promotions with gifts in kind.
– Only applicable to cases where customers buy learning cards directly from Kids Up Vietnam Joint Stock Company.
– Time to request a refund is no more than 5 days from the date of card activation and no more than 10 days from the date of receipt of the activation card.

2. Refund process
Step 1: Contact KidsUP via Hotline 097 589 8413 to meet Customer Care to request a refund
Step 2: Provide the registered phone number, learning package, payment method, and bank account number so that KidsUP can refund in the shortest time.
Step 3: After receiving the information provided by the customer, KidsUP will check the order and will refund the customer if the refund conditions are met.

3. Refund time
– According to the regulations of the card issuer and the coordination process between Techcombank and other banks, after executing the REFUND order, the customer will receive the refund within 10-30 days from the time of execution of the transfer order.
– In case the customer wants to know the exact time to receive the refund, please actively contact your card issuer for support.

4. Refund method:
For convenience, KidsUP will process the refund via Bank Transfer. Therefore, the customer must provide his/her own account number to KidsUP

5. Transfer fee & shipping fee
– For customers who receive the activation code at home, when returning the card, customers will have to pay a shipping fee of 50,000 VND/1 order.
– For customers paying via bank transfer, customers will have to pay a refund fee of 20,000 VND/order.

6. Kids UP does not offer refunds in the following cases:
– Problems arising from customers: such as during use, the customer encounters objective technical errors (damaged devices, unresponsive network connection, outdated app/browsers, etc.)
– Payment to 3rd party: If customers pay for the course from any other partners/individuals, KidsUP will not refund according to this policy. In this case, please contact the party the customer paid for to request a refund.
– The refund policy period expires.

The policy is effective from April 14, 2020