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KidsUP Montessori
Early education application for children from 2-7 years old

Developing diverse thinking in languages, math, music, IQ with just 10 minutes a day
Apply artificial intelligence technology to automatically adjust the learning route based on children's ability
Master 1000+ basic English and Vietnamese words after only 3 months
Vivid, attractive lectures help enhance children's imagination, memory & concentration
The leading standard for early education Common Core State Standards of America
Study anytime, anywhere without internet connection, with tuition fees 30 times cheaper than the center
KidsUP Montessori

Activate 2 hemispheres of the brain - develop comprehensive thinking

“80% of the human brain is formed in the first 3 years of life. Helping children “activate” various brain regions and develop thinking at this time is significantly important and necessary. At the age of 2, children start to have cognitive capabilities and this is the GOLDEN STAGE to develop cognitive competence , the premise for language, mathematics, logic, etc, especially the foundation throughout the cognitive process and future concentration of children. Early education is meant to foster qualities, thereby helping children to have outstanding development in both intellectual and non-intellectual qualities (personality, motivation, habits, etc).

Kids UP excercises are balanced for the development of the right and left brain. Each exercise is elaborated on a scientific basis, applying proven early education methods in the world, especially suitable for the psychology as well as each stage of the child’s development in the GOLDEN stage.

Left brain development excercises focus on logicality, cognitive mathematics, rules finding, and language and vocabulary.
Right brain development excercises include lessons on imagination, memory, intuition, high-speed information acquisition, and music perception.


KidsUP offers over 100,000 extremely engaging play and study activities that help children of all ages, from preschool, kindergarten and first grade to acquire solid knowledge of language (Vietnamese, English), math ( counting, comparisons, numbers, shapes, addition and subtraction, conceptions of “heavy and light”, “high and low”, “fast and slow”, sequences of rules, time, position, classification); boost children’s imagination, intuition, music perception and the ability to memorize images and absorb high-speed information; andenhance concentration and dexterity (fine motor).

KidsUP has built a methodical and scientific system with more than 1000 themed lessons, under the advice of experts in early education and early childhood education at home and abroad, designed with vivid visuals that will help children access knowledge in a natural and eye-catcing way. Each lesson lasts only 5 to 7 minutes, and Kids UP is the first program with a time control mode for children ( a warning about pausing the program appears after 10 minutes ).

When it comes to early education, it is essential to mention Glenndoman’s method of swapping flashcards. KidsUP provides parents with more than 1000 free cards by theme and can set the swapping time from 0.5 to 1 second according to Glenndoman standards. Therefore, parents do not need to have the skills to swap cards and can use them easily without worrying about incorrect pronunciation, because the voice is read by the standard native teacher.


Children are introduced to the natural sounds of life and basic musical notes through the theme lesson and practice mode.
Intergrating a musical instrument set with various preeminent features, an effective tool to help teachers and mothers teach their children to sing nursery rhymes effectively and easily.
Compiling popular nursery rhymes.
Supporting a variety of sounds: Piano – Guitar – Flute
Supporting various beats: claps, drums and tambourines”

Every day, children get familiar with at least 2 new words by theme by continuously playing games related to this new word, inevitably helping them memorize the new words in a very natural, attractive, and stress-free way. In a new lesson, children review old vocabularies and learn 2 new words. Being bathed with the language and absorbing new words daily, their vocabulary will improve remarkably.
KidsUP supports both English (English-UK, English-American) and Vietnamese (Northern and Southern accents) for children to choose from.”

Main features:
• The program incorporates artificial intelligence (AI) to automatically adjust the lesson plan based on children’s ability.
• More than 90 kinds of engaging interactive educational games
• Support languages such as English (UK-US), Thai and Vietnamese (North-South)
• Each language has more than 1000 themed lessons
• Collect Stickers after each lesson with over 100 maps containing rewards
• More than 1000 common English and Vietnamese words
• Create multiple school accounts on each device
• Save the learning process in the account
• Native teacher’s standard voice
• High-quality vector graphics with animations and immersive sound for a multi-sensory learning experience
• Ad-free
• Report weekly results to parents
• Learn anytime, anywhere without an internet connection

Benefits for children:
• Increase concentration and dexterity
• Critical thinking
• Systems thinking, Logic
• Creative thinking
• Possess a rich vocabulary of English and Vietnamese
• Get acquainted with mathematical knowledge through the American standard thinking math program
• Confident, dynamic
• Rich imagination
• Problem solving
• Memorize and absorb information at high speed
• Music perception

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