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Science has shown that from the age of 2, children can start to be exposed to electronic devices for up to 1 hour a day under the supervision of their parents. With Kids UP, we have a time control mode (specifically 10 minutes) for parents and children to align their study time reasonably and spend time on other activities. All children’s habits are partly formed by their parents, instead of letting them use programs that have no content or are inappropriate for their age, parents should accompany their children with educationally oriented programs such as: Kids UP, a guide to motivate children to maximize their potential during the golden period of brain development.

Currently, parents can use smartphones / tablets using iOS and Android operating systems to let their children study on Kids UP. In addition, parents can use a laptop or desktop computer using the Windows 10 operating system.

 KidsUP is simulated strictly according to Glenn Doman standard: Each time learning up to 5 topics, each topic has a maximum of 5 cards, each time randomly swap these 5 cards with time interval of 1 second per card. Study 3 times a day, at least 15 minutes apart each time.After 5 days, in each topic, replace 1 old card with 1 new card. One topic should be completed before a new topic is added.

 At Kids UP, there are more than 90 types of games that develop the left – right hemispheres of the brain and are classified specifically. To choose exercises according to your child’s condition, ability and interest, parents go to the Exercise section, and see a 2 hemisphere icon on the outside of the main screen, then choose the type of lesson.

KidsUP allows creating multiple learning accounts on one device, with its initial set of learning languages.”

 Yes. According to scientific studies, children need to absorb knowledge a few times to be able to remember new content. Therefore, we have arranged the content scientifically for children to review the old knowledge in new lessons to help them achieve the highest efficiency in memorization.

 KidsUP is a bilingual program that supports English and Vietnamese according to Montessori standards. Applying artificial intelligence provides each child with a learning path that best suits his or her ability.

KidsUP only requires the network when downloading the application, upgrading to a new version and activating the program. During the learning process, you can completely use the program without an Internet connection.

KidsUP program designs lessons according to the route from easy to advanced, each question in the lesson is scored specifically. When the child achieves enough points to pass the test, he will receive a reward and unlock the next lesson.

Each type of game in KidsUP has a different difficulty level suitable for a specific age, to practice difficult games you have to make sure you have passed a certain number of questions in the lesson section or you choose the right level appropriate for the child’s age.

 Each activation code can be used by parents to log in 2 phones or 2 tablets. If in case you need to change your device, please contact the hotline / Fanpage Kids UP for support. KidsUP’s tech will re-issue the code and remove the old device.

 The KidsUP learning program is constantly updated with new content every month, so parents can rest assured.